Writing 101: Day 20 challenge: My treasure

My treasure is something we all possess yet people usually overlook it. My treasure is a compass and not a regular one. My treasure doesn’t point north; instead it points to the right path. My compass was at first never faulty or misguiding for it is made of pureness and perfection, keeping me as an infant on the right track and I followed its wise commands. As I grew up and became hasty and impatient, I dropped it a few times cracking its glass and distorting its golden frame. I wasn’t listening to her guidance, ignorantly thinking I could do better on my own. And thus I found myself many times in a dead end, blaming everyone for my mistakes except yours truly. I did find my way in the end, when I put my humongous ego aside and listened. It’s alright, now, for my compass is magical: it has the power to heal all the scars I have inflicted and all the blows that I delivered.

My treasure wasn’t crafted by a mortal hand for it bends the laws of nature and as if by a magical incantation metamorphoses into the most honest judge of all. My treasure doesn’t only tell me where I go, it also tells where I went wrong. It inflicts upon me an unbearable punishment, torturing my soul until I finally admit to my faults and rectify my mistakes. At moments, the sentence may seem unfair but make no mistake, this judge doesn’t make mistakes. It knows the right from wrong without hesitance and if you do err from the commands of the compass, you will most definitely pay. I find it necessary to remind myself that the goal is not to simply make my days bitter; the goal is to make a better human out of me, conscious of his acts and master of his words… It’s a journey to human perfection.

That’s not all; my treasure can easily become a book, a record of my emotions and a diary for my feelings. When read, you will get to travel the depths of my soul. This book is my identity. It has everything there is to know about me. I am not talking about the shallow ramblings of my daily life that are so poisoned with lies, ignorance, prejudice… No, I am talking about the true nature of myself: the things that made who I am today, the values I stand for, my notions of right and wrong, my most secret beliefs and disbeliefs…  

My treasure is the most valuable gift I can offer for I can only offer it once. It doesn’t come wrapped in the fanciest paper yet it’s more precious than the most dazzling jewels and the most expensive perfumes. I can only choose one to receive my gift, that’s why I need to chose carefully. But one thing I have noticed is that I don’t actually have a choice! My gift chooses who shall receive it and when the choice is made, every reasonable argument I could come up with will not alter the choice. Once the treasure is given to the chosen, a bond that will unite us for as long we live shall be sealed.

My treasure is ….         

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