To our countries – Or the tragic fate of the Middle East

One can only stand so much… The wall of lies that we have built around ourselves will collapse. No brute force will bring it down… The tears of a widow, the final breaths of an agonizing child, the screams of a man that has lost all but himself, the trickling blood of a youth that have seen too much… will tear our fortified castles apart.

But how many lives have to be lost before humanity finally sees the truth? How many innocent children have to die before our joyful little bubble bursts? How many dreams have to be crushed? How many homes have to be lost? How many countries have to be destroyed? How many horrifying pictures of amputated, crushed, decapitated children do we have to see?

I am sorry if this causes you any discomfort to hear. But, try to imagine living in these circumstances every day! Imagine waking up one day to see that your father was dragged to a prison he’ll never get out off. Imagine that while you’ve gone to fetch some water, a rocket destroys your home and takes the life of your whole family. Imagine for one second that you’ve lost the right to have an opinion, that if you disagree with some lunatic you’ll lose your life. Imagine that someone idiot breaks inside your house, threatens you with a gun and sells your little girls at the slave market. Imagine that your wife was taken against her will and raped by some savages.

This isn’t the plot of some new block-buster Hollywood movie. It’s the real daily struggle of real men, women and children that found themselves stuck in a war they never wanted, as their country stands helpless, while the super powers play with its fate. I admire these victims, for after witnessing all of these catastrophes, hope still finds a way into their hearts.

Elderly women, in Kobane, Syria, are fighting alongside men and they won’t go down without a fight. Same in Iraq, the youth abandoned their dreams and joined their army without fear. In dear Palestine as well, their home-made rockets stood strong in front of the enormous arsenal of the assailant.

You know why they are fighting for their rights? Because we won’t. Because, we won’t speak up and defend them. Because we prefer to sit comfortably in front of our computers and TVs and ignore their screams. We are selfish and hypocritical. We don’t want to trouble our consciousness with these wars, so we lie to ourselves and say they deserve it. We pretend to support human rights everywhere, so why did we exclude the middle east?

Some day, we’ll see the error of our ways. And, we’ll be sorry. I just hope that there will be someone to forgive us, and that we won’t be talking to tombs.

The two women from the video are Faia and Rihan Younan. They are Syrians living in Sweden. And they have made such a beautiful and truthful video about the state of Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. Here’s the translation of the song:

“Sha’am, (another name for Damascus), the utterance of that word reverberates in my heart… similar to the movement of my eye lashes which resembles that  of the branches of a cedar tree… Sha’am, what is glory, but thee, for yours hasn’t seen its dawn yet…”

Baghdad, the land of poets and beautiful imagery.. You are the “gold” of all ages and its most fragrant one… the land of “One thousand and one nights”, may the moonlight wash thy face..

For Beirut, a peaceful salute from the bottom of my heart, for Beirut… and kisses to your sea and houses… and to your rocks that resemble the face of an old fisherman

For Kuds (the Arabic name for Jerusalem), the city of prayers I pray.  Our eyes travel to you daily… and wander in your holy allies, embracing your old churches and wiping the sorrow off your mosques”


# DIRT Bucket challenge

Thousands of people have tried the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It has proven to be a very successful campaign to raise awareness and funds to treat this disease.

Don’t get me wrong, I really do sympathize with the people who suffer from ALS. But I also sypathise with the 565 Palestinian kids that have been brutally murdered.

The idea behind the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is that: you will know for just a few seconds what’s it like to have ALS. This Dirt Bucket Challenge has the same purpose. You will know what’s it like to be buried under tons of dirt. If that sounds stupid, then I suggest you take a look at the horrifying pictures of children and babies, in Gaza, being dug out after they have suffocated.

Of course, you can choose to donate whatever amount of money. You may not trust the Palestinian Organizations, but that’s not an excuse, donate to any UN organization of your choice. It will at least help rebuild those UNRWA schools Israel bombed.

I honestly think it’s a good idea. It’s very symbolic and I hope it catches on. End the massacre in Gaza.

Don’t judge too quickly!

That’s a video of a little Palestinian kid addressing the world… I know some of you have already thought of a word to describe this little kid: terrorist. Due to the language barrier, you might think he’s saying something like: kill every Jew and every American on Earth. He’s an Arab wearing the “Koufia” (black and white scarf) and what he’s saying sounds gibberish to you. He’s bound to be a terrorist or probably on the path of becoming one. Right?

Actually, he’s just reciting a Poem by a Palestinian poet called: Khaled Elhaber. The poem’s title translates to: “We’re fine here in Gaza, tell us about you”. Now, I could go on and give you the rest of the poem. But, you know what let’s judge the kid further.

“We’re fine here in…GAZA!”? BAM! Key word: Gaza. So, automatically, he must be one of Hamas child militants bragging about the “massive” artillery they’ve got there and how it’s going to destroy the occupation. “tell us about you” Hum. I can’t find a proper explanation for this one but I’m going ahead with my reasoning because I must be wright. After all, the Palestinians are crazy and their poetry probably doesn’t make sense anyways. Right?

Wrong again! Here is the rest of the translated poem:

” We’re fine here in Gaza, tell us how you’re doing!

We’re at war but we’re fine, so tell us what’s going on with you?

Our martyrs are under the rubble

Our kids live under tents, asking about you: where are you?

We’re fine here in Gaza, tell us how you’re doing!

The sea is behind us (there’s nowhere to escape) but we’re fighting,

The enemy is in front of us and we’re still fighting.

We have enough food, weapons and peace promises, we thank you for your great support!

We’re fine here in Gaza, tell us how you’re doing!

Our souls, our wounds, our homes, our sky, our faces, our blood, our eyes, our coffins

Protect us from your fake peace, promises and negotiations.

We’re fine here in Gaza, tell us how you’re doing! (X2)

We’re at war but we’re fine, so tell us what’s going on with you? ”

So what do you think? The kid is obviously being sarcastic. He keeps asking the rest of the world: how they’re doing even though it should be the other way around. After all, it’s the Palestinians that have just lost 1826 of their children, women, men and elderly. They are the ones who lost their homes, schools and hospitals during this carnage. 140000 of them decided to flee their homes to the safe protection of the UNRWA schools where- guess what?- they were… Bombed! And still, this kid is worried about the rest of the world. See how nice he turned out to be?

He also mentions the fake peace treaties that no one respected. For God’s sake, Israel didn’t respect the borders of Palestine even though they’re clearly defined by the UN in 1948. Israel kept on building colonies and kicking Palestinians out. Don’t forget the blockade! Israel is controlling the electricity, the gas, the water and basically anything entering Gaza even Diapers. For God’s sake is Hamas going to build tunnels with diapers?

I “forgot” to mention one sad detail: the Kid lost his life one hour after shooting the video! He joined the martyrs under the rubble. Sad ending to what might have been a great life! Did I mention there are 446 kids who had the same fate.


Letter to a Palestinian

My dear,

I beg you to forgive to me. Please understand that I am sadly helpless. Yet, I tried to shake some sense into this world: I warned it that it was committing a crime But, it looked at me and sneered. Then, I begged it to stop the massacre. So it told me I was an ignorant, a fool! Its vile words haunted me for days. I wondered :Could I be wrong? But then I remembered… Years ago, when I was just a kid, when everything was simple No politics, No difference and certainly No prejudice. Everyone was equal, all were brothers. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought: when 1660 of my fellows lost their lives, when over a million of my peers live in an open prison, when 140000 thousand humans fled their homes, when the world became impervious to the screams of your children, to the tears of grieving mothers and to common sense.  

      That was my apology but you don’t need it! That’s the thing about you Palestinians! In just 24 days, more than 10000 were killed or injured. You have been living in an open prison for years in the most horrifying conditions isolated from the rest of the world… YET you never gave up. You keep raising heroes that stand tall in the face of death armed with a simple rock. What are the odds of you ever winning? Still, you keep fighting for a supreme right: the right to live on your land. You have nothing to lose so you face their tanks with a mocking grin. What can they possibly do to you? They tried to strike fear into your hearts. They tried to terrorize you. But, they failed miserably… They are scared of you, that’s why they’re killing your children. You Palestinians are amazing: either you live on your beloved land with dignity and freedom just like any other human being, or you die fighting for it.

The world seems reluctant to give you the simple right to live even though you earned it. It forgot the history of nations for, in the past, they all fought for it. How dare they deny it to you? I realize it’s all just a political agenda. A proof of how low humanity sunk. I will join you in your fight for life, my dear friend because thankfully I still have a human heart that hasn’t been ravaged by greed and prejudice. Those who oppose your right for freedom have to pay. I have a dream that Palestine, one day, will be free for all Muslims and Jews to live equally and freely… I wouldn’t settle for less.


A Humane Human

Today, I lost my faith…

Today, I weep for ” the end of innocence and the darkness of man’s heart… ” 

Today, I feel ashamed of mankind…

Today, I lost my faith in humanity for our acts no longer qualify as humane.

Today, I look for a definition, a name for our species.

In my dictionary, under the word humanity, I found only lies:

“the kind feelings, dispositions and sympathies of man”

So kind feelings murdered 100 kids in Gaza?

“a disposition to relieve persons in distress”

Indeed, it relieved 280 men… from this atrocity we call life!

Don’t worry. I found a definition for us.

“persons of unnatural or excessive ugliness, wickedness, or cruelty”

Don’t worry. I found a name for us.

Monsters… That’s what we are…

In just 2 weeks, 425 souls bid humanity farewell.

Alike, are those who violated nature

and those who watch silently in the dark.

Humanity is dead… and we killed her.

We’re the ones that slid her throat open

with our guns, planes and bombs.

We’re the ones that shoved a knife in her back

with our silence and indifference.

Today, 70 hearts stopped beating.

Today, the world witnessed a war crime in Gaza.

Yet, the world didn’t shed a tear.

I am sorry Gaza, I can’t offer you more than these words.

Though, I know you will keep fighting.