Letter to a Palestinian

My dear,

I beg you to forgive to me. Please understand that I am sadly helpless. Yet, I tried to shake some sense into this world: I warned it that it was committing a crime But, it looked at me and sneered. Then, I begged it to stop the massacre. So it told me I was an ignorant, a fool! Its vile words haunted me for days. I wondered :Could I be wrong? But then I remembered… Years ago, when I was just a kid, when everything was simple No politics, No difference and certainly No prejudice. Everyone was equal, all were brothers. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought: when 1660 of my fellows lost their lives, when over a million of my peers live in an open prison, when 140000 thousand humans fled their homes, when the world became impervious to the screams of your children, to the tears of grieving mothers and to common sense.  

      That was my apology but you don’t need it! That’s the thing about you Palestinians! In just 24 days, more than 10000 were killed or injured. You have been living in an open prison for years in the most horrifying conditions isolated from the rest of the world… YET you never gave up. You keep raising heroes that stand tall in the face of death armed with a simple rock. What are the odds of you ever winning? Still, you keep fighting for a supreme right: the right to live on your land. You have nothing to lose so you face their tanks with a mocking grin. What can they possibly do to you? They tried to strike fear into your hearts. They tried to terrorize you. But, they failed miserably… They are scared of you, that’s why they’re killing your children. You Palestinians are amazing: either you live on your beloved land with dignity and freedom just like any other human being, or you die fighting for it.

The world seems reluctant to give you the simple right to live even though you earned it. It forgot the history of nations for, in the past, they all fought for it. How dare they deny it to you? I realize it’s all just a political agenda. A proof of how low humanity sunk. I will join you in your fight for life, my dear friend because thankfully I still have a human heart that hasn’t been ravaged by greed and prejudice. Those who oppose your right for freedom have to pay. I have a dream that Palestine, one day, will be free for all Muslims and Jews to live equally and freely… I wouldn’t settle for less.


A Humane Human