Look up…

Life can get really hectic sometimes. We get caught up in its current and we can’t even find the time to lift our heads and enjoy the night sky. We are asphyxiated on the idea that we must make the most of our time. Every second of our life is spent planning our next move. We’re trapped and we don’t even know it. For some reason, I keep thinking of Narcissus, the man who never grew tired of watching his own reflection. Narcissism…That’s our trap, isn’t it?

I know we don’t spend our days, in front of a mirror, admiring our own beauty. But, we’re trapped within our own existence. We create this tiny little world around us. That’s one of the most pretentious things we tend to do as humans. We think the world  is tailored to suit us. It’s a sad claim really, because in our efforts to make this world “fit”, we started ignoring the bigger picture. We are weak and vulnerable creatures, tiny little things, but the universe we live in is HUGE.

We’re vulnerable. And humans hate that feeling. That’s why anyone gifted by the heavens tries to prove his superiority on his fellow men. We intrinsically strive for power and control. We’re so obsessed with such ideas that we created a society based on hierarchy. We can’t handle the fact that another man is better than us. It makes us feel small in comparison.

So, if we can’t swallow our pride when it comes to other humans, what will we do about this huge universe we’re wandering in? It’s a very basic strategy, we ignore it. We pretend that the sky is some wallpaper wrapped around the earth and that there’s nothing behind it. When in fact, our whole planet is just a tiny little speck of dust. In every which way you choose, you’ll find that the universe goes on and on for millions of kilometers. The twinkling stars, you see every night, are massive suns in the middle of other planetary systems.

Where do we fit in all of this? Well, we don’t have that much of a physical significance. But, at least for now, we’re the only conscious species in existence and we have this whole universe to rule. If we wanted to, each of us could have his own Galaxy. So, tell me why would we trap ourselves in such a vain existence? So, every once in a while, lift your head up, stand in awe in front of the immensity of this universe and remember that you’re Tiny.