# DIRT Bucket challenge

Thousands of people have tried the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It has proven to be a very successful campaign to raise awareness and funds to treat this disease.

Don’t get me wrong, I really do sympathize with the people who suffer from ALS. But I also sypathise with the 565 Palestinian kids that have been brutally murdered.

The idea behind the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is that: you will know for just a few seconds what’s it like to have ALS. This Dirt Bucket Challenge has the same purpose. You will know what’s it like to be buried under tons of dirt. If that sounds stupid, then I suggest you take a look at the horrifying pictures of children and babies, in Gaza, being dug out after they have suffocated.

Of course, you can choose to donate whatever amount of money. You may not trust the Palestinian Organizations, but that’s not an excuse, donate to any UN organization of your choice. It will at least help rebuild those UNRWA schools Israel bombed.

I honestly think it’s a good idea. It’s very symbolic and I hope it catches on. End the massacre in Gaza.


Don’t judge too quickly!

That’s a video of a little Palestinian kid addressing the world… I know some of you have already thought of a word to describe this little kid: terrorist. Due to the language barrier, you might think he’s saying something like: kill every Jew and every American on Earth. He’s an Arab wearing the “Koufia” (black and white scarf) and what he’s saying sounds gibberish to you. He’s bound to be a terrorist or probably on the path of becoming one. Right?

Actually, he’s just reciting a Poem by a Palestinian poet called: Khaled Elhaber. The poem’s title translates to: “We’re fine here in Gaza, tell us about you”. Now, I could go on and give you the rest of the poem. But, you know what let’s judge the kid further.

“We’re fine here in…GAZA!”? BAM! Key word: Gaza. So, automatically, he must be one of Hamas child militants bragging about the “massive” artillery they’ve got there and how it’s going to destroy the occupation. “tell us about you” Hum. I can’t find a proper explanation for this one but I’m going ahead with my reasoning because I must be wright. After all, the Palestinians are crazy and their poetry probably doesn’t make sense anyways. Right?

Wrong again! Here is the rest of the translated poem:

” We’re fine here in Gaza, tell us how you’re doing!

We’re at war but we’re fine, so tell us what’s going on with you?

Our martyrs are under the rubble

Our kids live under tents, asking about you: where are you?

We’re fine here in Gaza, tell us how you’re doing!

The sea is behind us (there’s nowhere to escape) but we’re fighting,

The enemy is in front of us and we’re still fighting.

We have enough food, weapons and peace promises, we thank you for your great support!

We’re fine here in Gaza, tell us how you’re doing!

Our souls, our wounds, our homes, our sky, our faces, our blood, our eyes, our coffins

Protect us from your fake peace, promises and negotiations.

We’re fine here in Gaza, tell us how you’re doing! (X2)

We’re at war but we’re fine, so tell us what’s going on with you? ”

So what do you think? The kid is obviously being sarcastic. He keeps asking the rest of the world: how they’re doing even though it should be the other way around. After all, it’s the Palestinians that have just lost 1826 of their children, women, men and elderly. They are the ones who lost their homes, schools and hospitals during this carnage. 140000 of them decided to flee their homes to the safe protection of the UNRWA schools where- guess what?- they were… Bombed! And still, this kid is worried about the rest of the world. See how nice he turned out to be?

He also mentions the fake peace treaties that no one respected. For God’s sake, Israel didn’t respect the borders of Palestine even though they’re clearly defined by the UN in 1948. Israel kept on building colonies and kicking Palestinians out. Don’t forget the blockade! Israel is controlling the electricity, the gas, the water and basically anything entering Gaza even Diapers. For God’s sake is Hamas going to build tunnels with diapers?

I “forgot” to mention one sad detail: the Kid lost his life one hour after shooting the video! He joined the martyrs under the rubble. Sad ending to what might have been a great life! Did I mention there are 446 kids who had the same fate.


He Had nothing to lose

The silence that ruled this little vacant yard was suddenly lacerated by the dreadful roar of death echoing throughout the deserted barely standing building that bore the marks of a great fire. It wasn’t exactly death crying at that moment although that was what the little kid had pictured for he had long since linked the sirens of the military police with the raging vociferation of a monster that terrified him each day and each night- in his nightmares. He dreaded him since the day he was born for his presence announced misery and brought pain upon his mother and brothers. He never knew his father although he had a faint memory of a slim man forced to enter a green truck but then he had seen hundreds of men dragged to the same truck by what seemed to be the same men that spoke a language he never managed to understand. He never looked into their faces; he couldn’t summon the courage for he feared to see a hideous creature and he had seen many of those in his dreams, no need to add yet another. The little boy picked the battered punctured ball he had found in the ruins and ran away from the monsters in their matching green clothes…

A few –what used to be- blocks away, he stopped and looked at the beautiful orange sky that was rapidly becoming dark as the sun went down ending what seemed to be a peaceful day so far… He then went forward towards what was left of the city away from the ruins. He had strayed too far from home this time, his mother must be worried but still he slowed his pace for the terrifying sound was close and he could see the flickering red-blue light reflecting through the narrow streets. The monsters were close, he kept thinking and so he silently walked in the shadows taking a long route for he feared they would see him. But the monsters seem to have invaded the city; everywhere he went, he heard clamors. He realized he had no choice but to sneak behind them hoping they wouldn’t see him. He took a deep breath and ran…

The loud cries covered the sound of his footsteps and he managed to go across; In fact, one soldier did see him but he was too busy to go after him. The little kid stopped for he had heard a familiar sound; it was the voice of one of his playmates, so he took a few steps back and glanced. There it was: the big green truck that had taken so many men on a journey they never got back from. It was loading new passengers. Strange, they didn’t seem to want to go on board for they were screaming and kicking the men in green who were weirdly smiling as they brutalized them and threw them inside the truck. There was a flag painted on the truck but it wasn’t the same flag they kept hidden at their house, not the same flag his brothers drew nor was it the one his father kissed every morning… He finally managed to see his friend whose face was now covered in tears; he was standing close to a door that was obviously smashed by the feet of the men in green. His mother, a nice lady that always gave him a snack and invited him home, was begging the men to release her husband. Her once sweet voice was now high pitched as she insisted that her husband was an honest hard working man that had done nothing wrong. The man that saw him previously had gotten into the driver’s seat and as he drove past the perplexed boy, he grinned maliciously…

The boy took off haunted by that horrible smile and those demonical blue eyes. As he went on looking for his home, he noticed more broken doors hanging sadly on their hinges, more grieving wives and more crying kids. The city was sinking in pain and misery and no street seemed to have been spared. He feared the men in green had ravaged the house and so he fastened his pace. His heart was beating faster as he approached his street. The houses seemed to be strangely empty and as he drew closer to his home, he saw that everyone was surrounding his house… When they saw him, they cleared a way for him to go inside his house… His mother was sleeping on her bed and everyone seemed to be present except the oldest of his brothers. The little kid went to the couch and slept for hours dreaming of the man with the blue eyes… He eventually woke up and he felt extremely hungry as he didn’t have dinner last night. His mother was still sleeping so he went to the kitchen looking for something to eat. There, he found an old lady, a neighbor, making breakfast to his brothers who sat around the table and so he gratefully joined them for a delicious meal…

When they were done, he took a plate of biscuits and a glass of milk to his mother thinking she’d be awake now but as he went closer, he found that she was still asleep. He put the glass and the plate down and tapped her gently to wake her up. The mattress was tainted in a red color and his mother was strangely pale. An old woman approached him and with a pitiful smile took him away from his mother while another one covered his mom with a white cloth. The lady that took him was now talking to him, telling him his mother was gone and won’t return. His mother had been shot.

-“But the men in green didn’t take her, she’s right there”, he insisted.

-“The men in green have many ways to take people’s lives; fortunately, they used the quickest least painful one on your mother. She was gone instantly.”

The little boy went outside where the men were sitting and talking about his mother’s death. He knew now why the man with the blue eye’s grinned… He was the man that shot his mother after she tried to stop from taking his brother. The man in green must have recognized him for he looked exactly like his mother. The driver took away his mother and brother… The little kid wasn’t afraid of the man in green anymore: What was he going to do to me besides making me join my mother or my brother? he asked himself. The man in green had lost his power that night; simultaneously he had created a fearless orphan that had nothing to lose…

 Source: ALLSSC

I didn’t name the characters nor did I say which country they came from. You can place this story in any place and any time from 1914 till this present day. Children suffer in the same way all around the world. The sufferance they endure at a young age will mark them forever and the men that caused this sufferance should be held responsible for any future acts done by those poor children.


Corruption of the human soul

Turn on the TV and listen. Listen to the misdeeds of Man. Let the tears flow. Burst in rage and shout in this rainy summer night: Oh Human race, what have you done? Dead men, raped women, amputated children… Everywhere you’ve been, you shattered hopes and dreams, brought misery to every creature you’ve encountered and turned this beautiful planet into HELL.


Credit Photo: Press TV

I wonder how? How did a little baby with an angel’s soul become a dangerous dictator, a psychopathic serial killer, a greedy destroyer of nature? How did an angel turn into a hateful demon? Where did you go wrong? I’m baffled. How did we stray so far from sanctity? Can you look at the rosy innocent face of a new born and imagine he could be murdering people with cold blood, raping women without a second thought, inventing weapons of destruction and torture? I can’t!

Is it poor education that made you a monster? You didn’t have anyone to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong so you acted upon instinct. But still intuitively, Death brings feelings of sadness and despair so why would you decide to bring it upon others?

Is it Religion? That’s the most frequent claim. But being a religious man myself, I don’t believe religion encourages us to spread violence in this time. War should be the last resort and in no way does war include rape and torture. But in our times, I think war is no longer an option not with weapons that could literally blow earth apart. We’re not talking about swords and stones anymore, these weapons can cause the extinction of the human race! Give me a verse in the Quran, the Bible and the Old Testament that asks man to destroy himself.

Is it jealousy or maybe a feeling of betrayal? Such feelings could drive man mad and we’ve all experience it in some degree. Yes, I think that’s how we became monstrous and cruel… by letting these feelings take over. Jealous of another man’s success, we go to the extremes dominate him. If that fails, we try to destroy him for we can’t bear the fact that he’s better than us. That’s what made Hitler: he couldn’t deal with the defeat of Germany and the superiority of the Allies so he went mad. It could be sadness that broke the last straw. Tired of seeing men, women and children butchered in the most appalling way, a Palestinian will become violent to counter the violence he received.

Or it could be completely the opposite: a feeling of power! That feeling is intoxicating; it makes you feel on top of the world, you’re the most powerful man on the planet and you’re free to do whatever you want. Who could stop you now that you’ve become a demigod? That explains the Arab dictators, asphyxiated with the feeling of power, they stopped at nothing. This applies to some first world governments, they’ve got the technological advancement and so they do whatever they please: colonizing other countries, exploiting their natural resources and murdering the majority in favor of a minority ( that country that came into existence in the 40’s and took over the land of Palestine).

Wherever you are, whatever reason you have to be angry, just say NO to violence. I’m sure the Palestinians can coexist in the same land as the Jews. I’m sure terrorists would go extinct if people said no to violence and if they had no reason to be angry. We must unify and coexist in peace or we would eventually disappear. Please say NO to violence.