The Three Day Quote Challenge – Day Three

It was a bit hard to find a third quote, the previous two explained most of what we need to know on our journey on this earth. But, they didn’t focus upon the subject of love. Since, it’s the last day of the challenge, and one cannot neglect such an important factor in our live. I went on looking for a quote that raised the subject. And, Rumi finally provided me with a suitable quote.

It’s possibly the greatest emotion our fragile hearts can feel. One that sticks an ever-lasting smile upon your face, trigger a flourishing of the soul and brings soothing calmness to our minds. The disturbing reality, however, in a society desperately running behind love, lucky are those who actually find it. It’s quite sad, isn’t it? Most of us know that elusive feeling we get from love, as if the world conspires to bring us every need. Yet, it didn’t last for most of us. Now, we’re either contemplating our loneliness or in abusive relationships.

Our civilization has evolved so much during the past century, that we didn’t get enough time to cope with change. Our relationships, among other things, suffered deeply. Most of us carry deep wounds that have yet to heal. And, so we built around us these fortresses to protect ourselves from pain. We accept to live in a state of insensitivity and monotony than to expose our wounds to strangers and take a leap of faith.Why are people so afraid of love or why do they give up on it?

Just, the thought that there is someone out there waiting for me and wondering why it never worked out with anyone else, keeps me hopeful. Until the time comes for us to meet, I will try to be my best self, heal myself and make sure that I don’t push people away. Until, you’ve learned to love yourself, will people learn to love you. I don’t know who wrote, but it stuck with me ever since I read it. What do you think?


5 thoughts on “The Three Day Quote Challenge – Day Three

  1. Hmm. There are times when you put up the barriers after you find love, like a shield you know what I mean. Once you pull them down again, what if you find love in a place forbidden. Then it is always better for the barriers to remain where they are right?


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