The Three Day Quote Challenge – Day Three

It was a bit hard to find a third quote, the previous two explained most of what we need to know on our journey on this earth. But, they didn’t focus upon the subject of love. Since, it’s the last day of the challenge, and one cannot neglect such an important factor in our live. I went on looking for a quote that raised the subject. And, Rumi finally provided me with a suitable quote.

It’s possibly the greatest emotion our fragile hearts can feel. One that sticks an ever-lasting smile upon your face, trigger a flourishing of the soul and brings soothing calmness to our minds. The disturbing reality, however, in a society desperately running behind love, lucky are those who actually find it. It’s quite sad, isn’t it? Most of us know that elusive feeling we get from love, as if the world conspires to bring us every need. Yet, it didn’t last for most of us. Now, we’re either contemplating our loneliness or in abusive relationships.

Our civilization has evolved so much during the past century, that we didn’t get enough time to cope with change. Our relationships, among other things, suffered deeply. Most of us carry deep wounds that have yet to heal. And, so we built around us these fortresses to protect ourselves from pain. We accept to live in a state of insensitivity and monotony than to expose our wounds to strangers and take a leap of faith.Why are people so afraid of love or why do they give up on it?

Just, the thought that there is someone out there waiting for me and wondering why it never worked out with anyone else, keeps me hopeful. Until the time comes for us to meet, I will try to be my best self, heal myself and make sure that I don’t push people away. Until, you’ve learned to love yourself, will people learn to love you. I don’t know who wrote, but it stuck with me ever since I read it. What do you think?


The Three Days Quote Challenge – Day Two

The previous quote was from the late French philosopher Albert Camus. It explains the purpose of our lives: why we’re here on this Earth. Camus stresses upon the fact that we’re here to help others, to make the world a better place. Man wasn’t born to be solitary. He is a social creature. And, as we tend to find out as we get older: human relationships can get tricky and people get hurt. I chose this quote because it shows us the ideal way to handle relationships. An ascent to such perfection and ideal coexistence is going to be hard. Still, everyone of us needs to go on that journey to find inner and outer peace.

When people are confronted with this quote, they generally think it’s about sacrifice. You’re giving away your own happiness and calmness in favor of others: hating no one, forgiving those who have wronged you, keeping in touch with those who have forgotten you! But, that’s not the way I interpret the quote. Everything Ali Ibn Abi Talib asks you to do is in your favor. Forgiving others releases you from the power they have over you. If you’re still angry because of what they did to you, you’re still their prisoner. You’ll never reach that state of peacefulness and happiness. You’ll always be tormented by their actions. I’m not saying you should go back with them and accept their abuse. No! Just accept what happened to you and never talk to them again. Know that hurt people hurt people. And there’s nothing you can do to change it. I’m quoting from Prince Ea here. (I’ll put a link to his video down below).

Extend your hand to those who have forgotten you, so that they know you remember them. How many times did you suffer from loneliness and wished there was someone out there who remembered you and thought about you? Be there, if they need you, they’ll find you.

Do not stop praying for the best for those you love. They deserve it, don’t they?

The Three Days Quote Challenge

After a very long absence, I am wishing this series will bring back on track. My loyal friend and blogger Shruti has always been there pushing me to go back to writing. So, thank you Shruti. You’re amazing.

These are the rules of this challenge:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. (Done)
  2. Post a quote each day for three days.
  3. Nominate 3 other bloggers to take the challenge. (I’ll do this later, what, are you the wordpress police?)

Honestly, I am not great at remembering quotes for a long period of time. I fall in love wit a quote one day and betray it with another the next day. Here comes a quote from a writer that became very dear to my heart after reading some of his books this summer. The great, wonderful, charismatic and possibly the coolest philosopher of all time: Albert Camus.

“Notre tâche d’homme est de trouver les quelques formules qui apaiseront l’angoisse infinie des âmes libres. Nous avons à recoudre ce qui est déchiré, à rendre la justice imaginable dans un monde si évidemment injuste, le bonheur significatif pour des peuples empoisonnés par le malheur du siècle. Naturellement, c’est une tâche surhumaine. Mais on appelle surhumaines les tâches que les hommes mettent longtemps à accomplir, voilà tout. ” – Albert Camus ( L’été )

It’s a shame if you do not understand French. Camus has a talent of practically knitting words together so beautifully. I am going to attempt a translation, hoping that I don’t butcher the meaning.

“Our task as humans is to find the elusive formulas that will soothe the infinite anguish of free spirits. We have to stitch what has been torn apart, bring justice to a world that is so evidently unjust and significant happiness to the people that have been poisoned by the melancholy of our era. Naturally, that is a superhuman task. But, we tend to call superhuman, the task humans take a long time to accomplish, that’s all.”

If anyone has an alternative suggestion, feel free to correct me.

I hope that sounded as beautiful to you as it did to me. I think this quote actually gives meaning to our short lives on earth: to make this planet a happier place.

We spend our days complaining about the state of our world, yet we do nothing to change it. We have a tendency to think doctors and similar prestigious jobs are the only way to help people and better our world. But, that’s not the case. We literally have thousands and thousands of problems in every aspect of our life: social, economical, political, physical, psychological, environmental… And, we all have a duty to make at least one lasting change during our lifetime otherwise our lives would be just a waste of time. I’m not asking you to cure every disease, end every war, nourish every child, stitch the ozone layer. Sure, if you want to attempt such a task, go ahead. But, for everyone else, you don’t have to make all these grand projects. Change can be simple and you can do it. After all, that’s what you’re created and destined to do. Help someone going through psychological or financial difficulties, if you’re not the one who is going to find the cure to AIDS, maybe he will and he just needs your support to bring him back on track. If you’re an amazing thinker like Camus, teach us, the world no longer has common sense, we need your help. Heck, go and volunteer in some third world country, help eradicate illiteracy. Don’t be greedy, cook a warm dinner for your poor neighbor, bring his kids your used school books. And, don’t be an a****** and throw litter on the streets. Or, just take care of your kids, educate them morally so that one day, they might change the world.