Nominated for One Lovely Blog Award

 I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Sueju Takeshi. I have stumbled upon his blog not so long  ago, still he was nice enough to nominate me. So thank you! He’s a really great writer from the Philippines  and has lead a very inspiring life. Please go visit his blog and follow him.

 Here are the rules for winning this award :

1. Thank the person who has nominated you. Provide a link to his/her blog.

2. List the rules and display the award image.

3. Include 7 facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated.  This is a way to introduce others to bloggers that you love.

5. Display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Alright, here are seven random facts about me:

1° I have been a huge bookworm ever since I was a kid. Even during final’s week, I will read instead of studying for my exams.

2° I love doing sports: especially martial arts and volley ball. Bragging Alert: I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

3° My favourite TV series is House M.D. I feel like I can relate to the main character: Dr Gregory House. To be sarcastic and sometimes mean is my way of saying I like you and I feel safe around you. I know I am way less intelligent because this man is a GENIUS. Though, I really hope I can change one day like he did after realizing the error of my ways. The end is really inspiring. Spoiler Alert: the man faked his own death to escape prison and be with his best friend who has terminal cancer and is going to die soon.

4° My favorite book: Lord of the flies: The author shakes the roots of your beliefs. If you get stranded on an island, how long will it be before you return to a savage barbaric state. For the children of this book, it wasn’t long before they MURDERED their friends. These “martyrs” represented Religion and Science. Both blown away when savage instincts arose. The main character, Ralph, has an internal  fight between the social way of living and his instincts.

5° I love quantum physics. I mean my blog’s name has quantum in it! This is a common trait between me and House. Although, my passion for physics exceeded my love for medicine. I wanted to be a doctor for a long while. But I’ve always been attracted to space. I used to sit in the library drawing the moon and other satellites and reading about black holes. And when I found out about quantum physics, I fell in love.

6° I speak 4 languages.

7° The life I’m trying to lead can be summed up in this quote: “Hate no one, no matter how much they have wronged you. Live humbly, no matter how wealthy you become. Think positively, no matter how hard life becomes. Give much, even if you have been given little. Keep in touch with the ones that have forgotten you and forgive who has wronged you. And do not stop praying for the best for those you love.” Ali Ibn Abi Talib.

Here are my nominees. This is, by far the best part: nominating my favourite bloggers and writers.

1° shrutigopinath

2° Lola June @ Opposite the Border

3° aakifahm

4° mykulmitch

5° blueemuse

6° maria9saif

7° Hope Nwosu

8°  juicyjooj

9° thenadlog




8 thoughts on “Nominated for One Lovely Blog Award

  1. hello there I just did my post 🙂 . Thank you once again . I also wanted to let you know that I couldn’t help nominating you once again . Just wanted to let you know how much I love reading your posts and I would have nominated your blog any day . 🙂


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