Today, I lost my faith…

Today, I weep for ” the end of innocence and the darkness of man’s heart… ” 

Today, I feel ashamed of mankind…

Today, I lost my faith in humanity for our acts no longer qualify as humane.

Today, I look for a definition, a name for our species.

In my dictionary, under the word humanity, I found only lies:

“the kind feelings, dispositions and sympathies of man”

So kind feelings murdered 100 kids in Gaza?

“a disposition to relieve persons in distress”

Indeed, it relieved 280 men… from this atrocity we call life!

Don’t worry. I found a definition for us.

“persons of unnatural or excessive ugliness, wickedness, or cruelty”

Don’t worry. I found a name for us.

Monsters… That’s what we are…

In just 2 weeks, 425 souls bid humanity farewell.

Alike, are those who violated nature

and those who watch silently in the dark.

Humanity is dead… and we killed her.

We’re the ones that slid her throat open

with our guns, planes and bombs.

We’re the ones that shoved a knife in her back

with our silence and indifference.

Today, 70 hearts stopped beating.

Today, the world witnessed a war crime in Gaza.

Yet, the world didn’t shed a tear.

I am sorry Gaza, I can’t offer you more than these words.

Though, I know you will keep fighting.




7 thoughts on “Today, I lost my faith…

  1. I’ve always found it tough to keep faith in the people around us. Sometimes I try to convince myself that I’m making a difference, when in reality I am not. How do we stay happy in a world where atrocious acts is the norm? I have done it so far, kinda. Hopefully you can too. This is a great post though, filled with emotion.


    • Thank you Mykul. I’ve actually thought of you while writing this, since you made it clear in your posts that we shouldn’t lose faith in humanity. You said we should try to stay “happy”, well I don’t think it’s appropriate. We shouldn’t be happy in times like these, we should mourn these deaths. It’s humane to feel sadness. However, I think we should be “positive”. This situation can change if we spread the word. One thing I find to be soothing is to do as much good deeds as you can. Help people out. If you can’t do anything for the Palestinians, then help others. There’s no shortage of misery in this world.


      • I guess I left a skewed message (although I’m glad I could enter a perspective you remember) Being mournful for others while living a happy life is both possible and practical. I can still live out my duties as a person by spreading awareness and like you said, “help people out.” Although I agree that it’s tough to be happy, I think mourning and sadness pick up two different contexts.

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    • Thanks for reading. Yes, I’m sure it won’t last forever. Someday, we will wake up from our deep sleep. Consciousness will be at a higher level and crimes like these won’t go by unpunished. Till that time, we just need to keep spreading awareness and trying to mend this broken world.


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