Dear world, wake up!

175 Palestinians lost their lives this past week and the world does absolutely NOTHING about it. Children, women and elderly were the main victims and the media dares to call it a war on israel. In Gaza, a primary school was destroyed for the second time after it was rebuilt. If there were actual weapons there, would the Palestinians keep them in the same location to be attacked once more? A home for the disabled was bombed… Once the ruins were excavated, they were still no rockets, just more victims of the ferocious colonizers’ planes. Those who survived will have to live with yet another disability and painful wounds and burns.

Just today, humanity lost 9 Palestinian souls including 2 women and a baby. And yet, the world is busy analyzing the world cup final match. What a ruthless world! Why is it, I wonder, that a Palestinian life is so worthless to the eyes of this sick world? Why is a colonizing Zionist life more valuable than a Palestinian’s? Why is it that the world protects this colony so ardently? Diane Sawyer from ABC News dares to show pictures of a Palestinian woman- wearing Hijab- looking upon the ruins of her house claiming that she’s an israeli victim.

Where are the victims of Palestinian rockets? All we see on the media are some pictures of terrified Zionists laying next to their cars covering their heads. 650 rockets were fired from Gaza and the damage was minimal: damaged buildings and some injuries that in no way compare to the losses of Gaza. These missiles shouldn’t have reached israel in the first place because of the Iron Dome: a defense mechanism made by the US that proved to be hopelessly incapable of destroying incoming rockets. I know that 3 israeli teens were murdered before the start of the war. But, they did get media coverage unlike the Palestinians who are apparently deemed unworthy of the world’s pity. Why is that? 

You may be asking yyourself: Why do the Palestinians keep fighting when they have suffered such a loss? Rafeef Ziadah responds:

Rafeef Ziadah’s response on YouTube

The Palestinians don’t have a choice but to fight. If they stop, their entire nation would succumb and they would go extinct. A nation that has been there for thousands of years would disappear. In 1947, the borders between Palestine and israel were laid. Unfortunately, they weren’t respected because israel had to keep building colonies over Palestinian soil.


What are they supposed to do? Watch their lands being stolen? The world turned deaf ears to their protests denying them a UN representation. They had to summon their courage and fight an army that was rumored to be invincible. Yet, they managed to terrify this army multiple times. 

Before 1947, Jews lived peacefully along side Muslims just like the Christians do now in Lebanon. But when the Zionist political regime was established, it was the end of peace. It became a political game creating a huge lie that transformed israelis from colonizers to martyrs and Palestinians from victims to monsters. Until the world finally wakes up and sees the truth, the Palestinians will keep fighting and teaching the world LIFE.    

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