Greater dreams

This is a sequel to “scared” but you can treat it separately.

Mary wasn’t scared anymore. Her dreams shone high above her and she knew how to reach them. If she’s ever going to achieve something, it would be through hard work. Still, it wasn’t going to be a smooth climb towards success. She was about to go on the most challenging journey of her life. A journey she hoped would change her forever.

Looking back on her life and her previous experiences, she knew she had a serious problem. She never managed to maintain her thrive. She lets go too soon. This time though she had a deadline. She had two years to fulfill her dreams. That could serve as motivation, but it also could be yet another reason to give up. Only time will tell…

It is deep within the human nature to ask for more. Mary, not only craved success, she also wanted to become a better person, for she was growing weary of this lazy, gossiping, judgmental teenager she had become. Enough was enough! Truth is she hated what she had become. Sighing, she fell on her bed. Above all, she was tired of being lonely.

It dawned on her that she had absolutely no clue where to start or how to start. She knew nothing. Change won’t certainly happen over night. No one was going to unveil the secrets of success for her to follow. The journey no longer led to just academic success, it become a journey towards enlightenment and perfection. She had to get out of her comfort zone and rove uncharted territories…

What was she getting herself into?

As kids, we’re “taught” the values we should respect but somewhere along the line, we forgot them: justice, patience, politeness, respect etc. They are meaningless now, words we throw in everywhere without true understanding. Her goal was to bring those values back to life and spread them among Men. She had better get started…

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